Cozy boho kitchen decor ideas

Boho kitchen decor creates a look full of color and texture and is sure to bring a touch of personality to your home. A counterpoint to the sleek, minimalist look seen in so many modern homes, boho kitchen decor brings character and personality to your space.

Of all the kitchen ideas, boho kitchen decor gives you the opportunity to express yourself. “Think of your kitchen as constantly in flux: paintable materials can be updated at whim, lighting from plug-in lamps can be relocated, open plan storage options with curtained fronts can feature an ever-changing rotation of textiles,” says Victoria Sass, director of design at Prospect Refuge Studio (opens in new tab). “You could even go so far as to design a kitchen that consists of a collection of repurposed pieces of furniture that can be moved around the room. Be fearless and the space will feel decadent and very personal.’