Caring for Clematis

Clematis, the queen of the wine world, are exotic beauties with beautiful colors and elegant foliage. With more and more varieties of these perennial bloomers hitting the market every year, it’s time to find the perfect one for your garden! Take a look at our tips and care guides below to keep your clematis happy all year round.

Sun, sun, sun! Most clematis love full sun on their flowers and foliage, so they are perfect for a spot in the garden with 6+ hours of full sun. However, there are varieties of this vine that can grow in partial or full shade, so we always recommend reading the info card that came with your plant. Clematis also need well-drained soil, so don’t plant this perennial in a spot with poor drainage or in a spot that gets wet in the fall and winter.

Although your clematis loves full sun, the roots like to stay cool! This is one of the secrets to keeping your clematis happy and healthy. How do you keep the roots cool in summer? A popular trick is to plant a low-growing perennial around the base of the plant to protect the soil from full sun. Another idea is to place large rocks around the roots that will dissipate the heat and also provide shade. We also recommend mulching the soil around the base of the clematis with hay, leaves, wood chips or bark.