Entryway Decorating Ideas to Greet Guests in Style

Decorating the entryway of your home shouldn’t be an afterthought. Entryway ideas can be as warm and inviting as any other part of the home, welcoming guests and inviting them to come in and make themselves comfortable. We’ve rounded up some of our favorite foyers to show how these small spaces can express big hospitality.

Decorate your entryway with flat furniture to emphasize style and function. Here, a grasscloth console table provides a stylish place to store keys or mail and add decorative accents. Padded stools, used as seats for putting on shoes, slide under and out of the flow of traffic until needed. Make sure that the furniture in the entrance area does not hinder the opening of the door or pose a tripping hazard.

Show your personality right at the door with colorful entryway decorating ideas. Tropical wallpaper and dark green fixtures add a bold pop of color in this small bathroom. The white ceiling and trim keep the small space from feeling too dark, while a bubblegum pink light fixture adds an extra touch of whimsy.