How to DIY Built-In Shelves

Sometimes the natural architectural features of a home provide scope for creativity and allow you to utilize otherwise wasted space. An alcove around a fireplace or entertainment center provides the perfect place to add shelves for storage and display.

Since these architectural features already provide the supporting framework, often only the shelves need to be added. Additionally, this project can be completed with tools that most DIYers have in their workshop. This guide will show you how to do this simple DIY built-in shelving addition.

Evaluate the niche and determine how many shelves you would like to add. Think about what you want to put on the shelves and make sure there is enough space between each shelf to fit books, knick-knacks and family photos. Consider using uneven spacing by incorporating some shelves that are further apart to accommodate large books and some that are closer together to display smaller decorations.

After determining the number and spacing of the shelves, decide how deep you want the shelves to be. While the shelves can be as deep as the niche, a more pleasing appearance can be achieved by setting the shelves back a few inches from the opening.