How to Style Your Houseplants

How to style your houseplants
Whether you’re a beginner with plants or an expert at living in the jungle, plants can help define the style of your home and create a brighter environment. The key to creating a great space is to add the houseplants as part of your decor, not just around your decor.

When purchasing a new houseplant, think about where in your home the plant will fit best. Consider necessities, e.g. B. whether the plant is suitable for low light or requires a certain number of hours of direct sunlight. How big will it be? And does it prefer dry air like a cactus or humidity like a prayer plant?

Also, make sure you have enough time to take care of your plants. If you travel a lot, opt for a plant that doesn’t require frequent watering or misting. If you don’t have time for plant care, artificial plants are not a faux pas; They still make your space stylish and lively, just without the mess.

Check out our styling tips to enhance your space with houseplants and bring fresh air into your home.