Navy Blue and Gold Home Décors

Navy blue and gold are colors that go well together. In fact, gold works well in interior design when combined with other colors. These two colors represent strength and power. Therefore, this decor choice is one that will definitely suit your personality or bring it to life. There are three categories in this article. One shows how to implement navy blue and gold in living room decor. The other gives you bedroom decorating inspiration and the last is a selection of kitchen finds to add to this decor style.

Living room accessories in navy blue and gold
In this category we have put together a simple idea for decorating with blue and gold. Starting from the left, a gold mid-century floor lamp sits in front of the tufted, navy three-person tuxedo couch. A plant was also added because it is now essential for living room decoration. There’s also a round coffee table with a glass top and a gold base, two decorative cushions in silver and gold that breathe life into a couch, and a luxurious-looking rug with elements in black gray and golden brown. There are also two navy blue side chairs, one with armrests and one without. Side chairs are a must for creating additional seating or freeing up space.

Navy blue and gold bedroom decoration idea
In this bedroom selection, we have featured a long full-length mirror with a gold frame. And the star is the navy blue bed frame with tufted headboard. An artificial plant (but a real one works just as well). There’s also a navy tufted footstool with storage, an ottoman with gold trim, and a decorative cat figurine. Another decorative element are the flowers in a golden vase. Loveseat sofas can be very useful in a large bedroom. You can rest and relax on it before you actually go to bed. That’s why we’ve included one in this category.