Transform an Old Tire into A Lovely Flower Planter

It may seem like making tire planters is as old as time, but you can go beyond that by making them look like an old tire with dirt in it with a little innovation, and are a great way to recycle and reduce your carbon footprint reduce.

Choosing the right tire
First, you need to start with the right tire. Not all tires are good planters. In fact, it’s older tires that are more flexible and easier to work with, whether you stack them, use them as-is, or cut them.

You can use a tire with or without a rim. If you have a tire with a rim then you have a little socket which is quite charming. You don’t want tires that are too small, and when you decide to buy something like a tractor tire, you have to remember that you are dealing with something very large and not easily cute

cutting the tire
Hoop planters can be just a hoop with some dirt, but it’s much more interesting and can hold more flowers if you flip it and cut the hoop. Draw a line where you want to cut as you are only cutting the soft inner edge any sharp knife will do. Wear gardening gloves to protect your hands.